This “route” has been developed for new traders to follow to shorten the learning curve associated with trading/investing. While there is no substitute for experience, valuable information regarding trading/investing is widespread. This “route” has been developed as a means of organizing some of that information for you

I wish I knew then what I know now. The psychology behind the market, referring to the personal battle with one’s own mind and emotions

A top priority for every trader, understand how to manage your risk before trading/investing live

Confident trading doesn’t come from a book or DVD

Inside bars open up a whole new aspect to traders within the stock market

The basics of candlestick structure, and how these clues may help indicate price action

Important to always see the bigger picture, viewing from multiple angles

Consolidation patterns can result in some strong breakouts, and if traded correctly, can result in some stellar profits when trading stocks and options

Understand how the daily schedule/routine of the market works

9) Get started with TM's Elliott Wave Course for free

Free Elliott Wave Analysis Course

There are numerous routes to take when it comes to Technical Analysis. Elliott Wave is the essentially the ground-work, or “pulse” of the market. Get started on our course with free access to more than 3 hours of video training content discussing applying Elliott Wave analysis to financial charts! See and understand how price action develops with respect to wave counts, sequences, fractals and ratios. Whether a trader or investor, this technique can a great benefit if applied correctly.

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