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Data-Driven analysis + real-time alerts

A premium research & analysis service utilizing advanced technical analysis to pinpoint ideal trading/investing setups within financial markets. Focus is not day trading, but instead to low risk, high reward swing trading and longer-term setups. An educational resource and a regular flow of market data is provided for the benefit of part-time and full-time traders alike, whether novice, intermediate or professional.

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Membership Features

Weekend Game Plan

Market outlook for the week, trade setups, futures charts, sector review, largest options activity, weekly/monthly candle setups/rotations, and more

Risk & Target lEvels Page

A running list of updated risk & target levels for current positions.

Daily Journal Entry

A daily recap posted in our members area that discusses what took place (TM's trade entries/exits, updates, etc) throughout the day. All current positions listed.

Member Articles & Videos

Educational articles & videos made specifically for members that discuss trading tips, tendencies, things to look for, etc. Elliott wave course also included

Charts & watch-lists

Charts/ links posted regularly regarding updates on current positions, future opportunities & watchlist names/setups.

Radar List

A list of at least 20 charts/stocks that are of interest for future trades. Not a main watch-list, but a list of charts with classic technical analysis applied for member reference. Most primary trading ideas develop from this list.

"Really well managed & put together service. You do an excellent job of providing a lot of valid and useful information. Love your weekend game plans."
Leonard Reynolds
"TM is one of the most methodical and disciplined traders I’ve seen in my life and his service is truly a steal."
Allie A
"TraderMentality (TM) is the best kept secret of the fintwit and trading services world"
Aravindhan Rangarajan
"A methodical process for frantic and fast-paced markets. And when the process is sound, results will follow. Highly recommend."
Saad Ahmed
"Before I joined, I was undisciplined. I chased trades a lot, never letting the setup come to me. The amount of money I’ve SAVED from trades that I’ve stayed away from and avoided chasing thanks to your guidance is huge. Thank you for all that you do!"
John L
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Frequently asked questions

Preferred mindset is to remain open to both, and trade both accordingly based on the particular setup traded or general market conditions at the time. When trading common shares, I prefer to focus on setups that offer a 5:1 risk/reward ratio or better.

My foundation is based on classic technical analysis with Elliott Wave counts sprinkled in. I apply moving averages, volume, and with basic RSI for indicators. I also incorporate classic pivot points on intraday time frames to note key levels of support and resistance.

I prefer to focus on tickers that offer liquidity, typically trading a few million shares a day on average. I stay away from “junk” names in general and rarely trade anything with a closing price of less than $20.

Anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months on average, depending on the setup. In general, a trade to target levels is preferred. Day trades are taken as well, as are multi-day swings based on trading environments, with focus on swing/position trading.

This is a question that only you can answer. Account sizes will vary greatly from trader to trader. If at risk of losing a majority of your account on a single trade, you might consider building more capital up first. I typically trade 1-5% of my total account per position.

If away from screens/markets most of the day, the best course of action in my opinion would be to establish alerts/stop losses at key levels to alert you of these moves as they occur. Options are much more tricky to accomplish this, but one could easily trade common shares based on target/stop levels, with alerts set to trim/scale levels and stop loss set to exit on breach of risk level.

Many of the trade ideas mentioned through this service will be swing trades. Trade ideas are outlined/planned in advance with ideal entry and target triggers noted. Each trade is then added to the Risk/Target levels page and updated daily with appropriate risk and target levels.

Two private feeds are offered with this service. One is specific to trade alerts, allowing members to set mobile notifications on this feed. This will alert you to any entries, exits or trims to your phone. The other private feed is for everything else like trade ideas, charts, commentary, updates, etc.

This will vary, but on average I trade 3-5 orders a day whether they be entries, exits, adds or trims. Some days will have no orders, while others may have 10.

The Weekend Game Plan typically consists of 3-5 trade ideas that are planned in advance with key entry/target points noted. These are applied to the watch list and alerts set for the coming week. As the week progresses, I may add to the watch list with additional ideas and/or enter a new trade the same day (with chart/idea posted in advance).

Cup & handles, inverse head & shoulders, bull flags, wedges/triangles and channels

No official trial is offered. However, if within the first 24 hours of service, if you decide it is not for you then reach out to cancel/discuss and your purchase will be refunded.

Yes. Membership includes 1-on-1 direct messaging support. Any questions will be answered promptly.

No problem. If the services isn’t working for you or doesn’t fit your style, cancel at any time. At the end of your current subscription period, your membership will not renew.

Please note: This service is no promise of profits, and does not offer financial advice to members. Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than their initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. 

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