TM Prime is a unique service that utilizes advanced technical analysis (in a simplified manner) to focus on moves within the stock market, while providing research and educating members on process, discipline, and risk management. Analysis from multiple viewpoints with explanations will expose you to tactics such as classic technical chart patterns, momentum divergences, single candle analysis, DeMark indicators, Elliott Wave counts & Fibonacci tools. Expert detailed technical analysis is provided from a successful, proven, and respected professional of the industry for the benefit of part-time and full-time traders alike, whether novice, intermediate or professional.

Movement in S&P, Nasdaq, Dow and Russell futures charts is tracked & updated daily. This analysis alone can provide significant value by keeping you informed as to how the market is moving, what directional moves to expect next, and what cycle these indices are in.

The majority of setups that are traded are planned ahead of time, and posted to the watch-list with entry triggers noted. Strategy of choice is primarily based on swing trading, with the intention to hold positions for anywhere from 2-10 days. Trades may be placed in options contracts and/or common shares depending on the stock traded, sentiment, and the overall market environment at the time.

"TM is one of the most methodical and disciplined traders I’ve seen in my life and his service is truly a steal."
Allie A
TM Prime Member
"Been with your service now almost 3 months, and can’t believe it took me this long to find a decent one. Have learned a ton from you and your analysis and dedication is next level."
Leonard Reynolds
TM Prime Member
"There is a treasure trove of great info that TM has shared with members. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to make a profit in this market."
Gary Eaves
TM Prime Member

TM Prime Membership Features

TM Prime Daily Journal Entries

A daily recap posted in the members area that discusses what took place (trade entries/exits, updates, etc) throughout the day. All positions listed for review. Also included is a daily candle analysis breakdown, featuring inside days, inside breaks, Demark exhaustion signals, and other notable candle setups into the next day.

gameplan icon
Weekend Game Plan

TM's weekend trading plan for the week ahead, posted each weekend. Technical outlook heading into upcoming week. Detailed analysis provided for: S&P 500 Futures, Dow Jones Industrial Futures, Nasdaq 100 Futures, Russell 2000 Futures, Gold Futures, Silver Futures, Crude Oil Futures, Bullish/Bearish candle analysis/setups into Monday (daily/weekly candles), upcoming earnings announcements, and TM's detailed trade ideas for the week ahead (Avg of 3-5 ideas per week)

TM's Charts & Watch-list

Charts posted regularly regarding updates on current positions & watch-list names/setups. Includes bullish & bearish weekly/monthly key candle setups, such as inside bars, inside bar breaks (ups/downs), revups, revdowns, hammers, shooters, Demark exhaustion signals, and more. Weekly candle setups updated EOW, monthly candle setups updated EOM. Updates/tracking provided for S&P, Nasdaq, Dow & Russell futures on a daily basis.

Risk & Target Levels for Open Trades

A Risk & Target Levels page with targets and stop levels for current positions. This page is a quick reference to those levels.

Access to TM Prime Extras

TM Prime Extras offers loads of educational content. Featuring articles & videos made specifically for members that discuss trading tips, tendencies, things to look for, etc. With videos discussing things like Fibonacci and Elliott Wave counts, and articles with titles like "Elliott Wave Cheat Sheet" and "Choosing an Options Strike," Prime Extras is there for study & to help sharpen your edge as a trader.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

TM Prime offers a secondary twitter account for trade alerts only, allowing users to setup mobile notifications on the account. Receive notifications immediately to your phone when a trade has been entered, trimmed, added to, or exited.

Access to private TM Prime Twitter feeds

TM offers two private Twitter feeds. TM's real-time trade alerts are posted to the alert feed, allowing members to receive mobile notifications specifically for each trade alert. All other information is posted to the main feed.

Radar List

A large list of charts that have made it on my radar, with basic technical analysis applied. A great list to build ideas from, and reference to to create watch-lists. Updated in real-time.

1-on-1 Direct Messaging

Have questions? Reach out. You've got someone to offer their opinion on ideas, scenarios, and answer any questions you might have. Receive a rapid response within minutes, not days.

Elliott Wave Video Training Course

An educational feature included with subscription. Features more than 4 hours of in-depth educational content and training material, to teach you how to apply and understand the Elliott Wave Principle.

Have questions about the service? Email them to [email protected]

Please note: This service is no promise of profits, and does not offer financial advice to members. Instead, TM’s personal analysis and trades are shared with members in a effort to educate. As you likely are aware, trading carries risk along with it. While this service will offer in-depth technical analysis, it is you that pulls the trigger on each trade.

Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than their initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. 

By clicking the “subscribe” button below and accessing premium service, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years or older, and that you agree to and will abide by both the privacy policy and terms and conditions of these Terms of Use.

Subscription Plans

TM Weekender
$25 / mo
Access to TM Prime Weekend Game Plan (posted every Sunday)
Features analysis/review of: S&P Futures, DJI Futures, Nasdaq Futures, Russell Futures, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, & Dollar Index
– S&P Sector breakdown
– Upcoming earnings
– Sentiment Indicators
– Weekly candle setups (inside weeks, inside/ups, inside/downs, hammers, shooters, revs, etc.)
Overview of upcoming week ahead
Watch-list names into Monday
TM Prime
$99 / mo
– Access to TM Prime Private Twitter Feed, and 1-on-1 direct messaging support
– Access to TM’s current trades, both common shares and options. Entries/exits/trims posted in realtime
– Access to TM’s charts & watchlist, including EOD charts, current positions, and watchlist names
– Access to Prime Daily Journal Entry
– Access to Prime Weekend Game Plan
– Access to Prime Risk/Target levels pages, featuring risk & target levels for all current positions
– Access to educational trading materials like “Applying Elliott Wave Analysis,” which features more than 4 hours of video training material, and other resources such as cheat sheets, videos, and articles for members only
TM Prime Plus
$499 / 6 mo
– Access to TM Prime Private Twitter Feed, and 1-on-1 direct messaging support
– Access to TM’s current trades, both common shares and options. Entries/exits/trims posted in realtime
– Access to TM’s charts & watchlist, including EOD charts, current positions, and watchlist names
– Access to Prime Daily Journal Entry
– Access to Prime Weekend Game Plan
– Access to Prime Risk/Target levels pages, featuring risk & target levels for all current positions
– Access to educational trading materials, such as cheat sheets, videos, and articles for members only
– 6 months access at 20% discount

"TraderMentality (TM) is the best kept secret of the fintwit and trading services world. His work motivates you and carves you to become a better trader/investor. It is imperative that when one follows the price action, reacts to it with one's own analysis supported with TM's and plans the trades with position size based on risk level, the effective gains will follow."
Aravindhan Rangarajan
TM Prime Member
"Wooo hoooo! Killing it man. Up 12k in just 2 weeks!"
Jason P
TM Prime Member
"I’ve made great returns and risk levels are shown and updated/ mentioned when appropriate. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who struggles or wants to be more profitable."
Casey Knowles
TM Prime Member
"Puts in countless hours of work to give members the best setups. Absolutely the best!"
Farris Baba
TM Prime Member
"I’ve been in several different sub services in my time from the start of my trading and i can unequivocally tell you that you put in more work, provide more info and details (risk levels) than anyone else i’ve seen out there. Your team appreciates you, and I can tell it is quite evident you care a great deal and not just trying to flip a quick buck"
TM Prime Member
"Incredible service you provide to people. Unlike anyone else."
TM Prime Member
"If you are struggling with options in this market, TM is the one to choose, one of the finest traders regarding R/R, just join, u won’t regret it"
TM Prime Member
"I’m blown away at the detail, and amount of information received from articles in the extras section, the risk & target section, and just the general analysis that is provided. Great service"
Daniel P
TM Prime Member
"Over the last 40 days I have gone from $12000 to $77600! Thank you so much sir. Great service you provide for such a cheap fee."
Raj Puri
TM Prime Member
"Before I joined, I was undisciplined. I chased trades a lot, never letting the setup come to me. The amount of money I’ve SAVED from trades that I’ve stayed away from and avoided chasing thanks to your guidance is huge. Knowing when to avoid trading and when to trading actively has been such a huge help for me. I’m a long-term member, and here to stay. Thank you for all that you do!"
John L
TM Prime Member
"If you are looking for a service that doesn’t only make you money, but does the best at teaching you regardless of your skill level, then TM Prime is the way to go."
Atheer Hatem
TM Prime Member
"What I appreciate the most is the amount of technical training I obtained from the charts and the analysis he provides. Highly recommend the service. Keep up the good work TM."
TM Prime Member
"The best traders have a plan, know their entry prices, know when to let trades run for gains, and know when to sell/exit. TM is no different, but even compared to the two other trading services I subscribe to, he shares his trade ideas in very precise detail. It’s a methodical process for frantic and fast-paced markets. And when the process is sound, results will follow. I highly recommend TM Prime."
Saad Ahmed
TM Prime Member
"Without a doubt, I have never been more profitable as a trader than since joining TMPrime. Ultimately, this service has helped me generate consistent profits, transitioned me away from negative trading habits into having the trader mentality, and has helped me learn how to develop and create my own system for achieving consistent profits for the long haul."
Mike G
TM Prime Member
"Been in 5 services now. It’s obvious the first 4 were a joke. This is the real deal. Thank you TM. Great service."
Tyler B
TM Prime Member
"Great teaching - I would recommend this service to anyone who is willing to learn, this is by far one of the best out there."
Bill Manfield
TM Prime Member
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