TM Prime is a whole new way to look at stock market analysis. In-depth analysis from multiple viewpoints and thorough explanation that will expose you to effective & profitable methods of technical analysis, such as Elliott Wave Theory & Fibonacci retracements & extensions.

TM Prime takes care of the hours of the chart work and preparation for you. Expert detailed technical analysis is provided from a successful, proven, and respected professional of the practice for the benefit of part-time and full-time traders alike, whether novice, intermediate or professional. The Prime twitter feed will “feed” ideas to you (with risk levels, targets, options OI, and other valuable information mentioned) throughout the week, and will likely be of the greatest value to most. Intraday setups, updates, lotto trades, announcements of new ideas, investment ideas, extras, etc. Most short time-frame charts will be posted here. Each time something new is posted to the members area, notifications will be posted here. This will likely be the most active aspect of this service. So far, we’re received nothing but positive feedback.

Along with access to the private Twitter feed and Prime Ideals Vault access, you will receive access to Prime Extras. Extras are articles & videos created for members only that offers cheat sheets, things to look for, techniques, tricks of the trade, etc. and will include titles such as “Fibonacci retracements” and “Elliott Wave Cheat Sheet.”

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Membership Includes

TM Prime Daily Journal Entries
A daily recap posted in our members area that discusses what took place (trade entries/exits, updates, etc) throughout the day. All positions listed for review/update.

TM Prime Weekend Game Plan
A weekend trading plan of what we’re watching going into Monday, posted each weekend in our members area. Discusses indices action, earnings announcements for the week ahead, and trade ideas for next week.

TM Prime Ideas Vault Access
A running list of ideas featuring long-term, mid-term, and short-term in-depth analysis. Risk management/stop loss areas highlighted, and targets provided. More about Prime Ideas.

TM Prime Investments Access

A running list of ideas featuring long term analysis & set-ups for names that offer high dividend yields, or have sound financials that are leading their industry. Ideal investments or 401K, retirement, long term trades, etc.

Access to TM Prime Extras

The educational aspect, featuring articles & videos made specifically for members that discuss trading tips, tendencies, things to look for, etc. With videos discussing things like Fibonacci Retracements and articles with titles like “Elliott Wave Cheat Sheet” and “Choosing an Options Strike,” Prime Extras is there for study & to help sharpen your edge as a trader.

Alerts when new Prime Ideas, Prime Investments, or Prime Extras are posted
Notifications of new postings via private Twitter feed

Access to private Twitter feed
TM’s private Twitter feed for Prime members idea generation only. TM Prime updates, intraday setups, notable short term ideas, day trades, lotto trades, speculation plays, rumors, price alerts, options open interest charts, etc. The good stuff. Forecasting tools are amazing, but true technical analysis is reaction to price. If an idea goes against us, it may be removed completely, and/or revisited and modified. Check Prime Twitter feed for update notifications.


What Members Are Saying

“Much appreciation to TM for TM Prime. There are many services that will provide trade ideas and are worth the price but I feel TM Prime goes beyond this by showing you his interpretation of support/resistance levels, Elliot Wave counts and many other indicators. There’s so many ways to read a chart and TM integrates a handful across many timeframes. There’s no question how much time he invests in this service. Lastly, I’ve made great returns and risk levels are shown and updated/ mentioned when appropriate. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who struggles or wants to be more profitable.”

Casey Knowles
TM Prime Subscriber

“I subscribe to two other services besides TM Prime and I’ve been very satisfied with the choice of adding him to my roster. The thing that sets TM apart is that he has a very clear and defined process and approach **that is most certainly not day trading**, instead, it’s Fibonacci based technical analysis for near-term and long-term swing trades.

The best traders have a plan, know their entry prices, know when to let trades run for gains, and know when to sell/exit. TM is no different, but even compared to the two other trading services I subscribe to, he shares his trade ideas in very precise detail, either through his website via a daily summary or via Twitter posts. These notes explain the target entry price of a given stock, show risk areas to a particular stock, and highlight target exit prices. Best of all, these notes get regular updates as the trade idea progresses through the days/weeks, and these updated notes recap what just played out and provide thoughts on positions to hold / exit / enter. I cannot stress enough how thorough and helpful these notes are as you navigate a position. Once a position is opened, he’s right there on Twitter to help provide guidance on how to navigate the entry, win or lose. This is the biggest difference with TM and the other services I subscribe to. One other provider just announces when they are trimming or exiting and the group has to frantically follow these alerts because little to no advanced notes were provided. For day traders, that’s OK because of how fast paced day trading is, but for swing traders, it’s not ideal. That’s why I like TM Prime – the entries and exits are better planned and less frantic. It’s a methodical process for frantic and fast-paced markets. And when the process is sound, results will follow.

Since losing is part of the trading process, TM’s process helps navigate those situations. There have been times where we’ve added to a losing position because the stock bounced from the risk area that TM identified in his trade plan. On the flip side, there have been times when we’ve had to cut and take losses because the stock broke through the risk area. Importantly, though, he guides us on when to hold a losing hand to see it recover or when to cut and take losses and move on to the next trade.

For winning trades, he helps the Prime group overcome the hardest part of having a winning position by giving us guidance on whether we should continue to hold instead of being tempted to “sell too soon”. He regularly gives updates on when to trim, when to hold for the ride up, and when to exit. That’s how I was able to achieve two separate 800% – 1000% trade gains with him. Normally I’d just sell for a 100% or 200% gain, but with his advice, I’ve felt better that I’m exiting a position near maximum gains.

So if you’re struggling with your options trading process and a need a better approach, TM Prime may benefit you greatly. This process, paired with his trade ideas, will help you become a better trader and earn more profits. I highly recommend TM Prime.”

Saad Ahmed
TM Prime Subscriber

Thank you!

I’ve only been with your service for a few weeks, but feel I’ve grasped the idea and strategy behind your charting and/or trading. The detail with some of your charts is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I love the elliott wave & fibs that you use. The daily journal & regular updates you provide on positions as far as what the next move may be, risk levels, targets, etc are a godsend. The weekend gameplan for the week ahead is also great. I feel like I stay in the loop, and have an idea of what to keep an eye on.

I’ve tried several other services that don’t come close to yours. I’ve been with services that alert you as when to enter, and that’s it. No risk levels, no idea when I’m supposed to exit. Like trading blindfolded. When you ask them, they say “its on you when to exit.” The service itself that you provide to me is just awesome. Response times on questions, reactions/updates when things don’t go our way (by the way have profited on several rolled positions you called). Others I’ve been with just throw the alert out to jump into this stock, with no other information. What I feel sets your service apart is that I’m learning as I go. I know why I’m trading this stock, where to take profits, what my risk level is and when to get out. I know what we’re looking for out of it. I’m not left in the dark anymore.

I’ve been trading options for about 2 years, and like how you recommend strikes on options with your trade ideas. I’ve taken several losses with your service, as to be expected trading options. However, each of these losses came on risk breaks that you defined previously. Therefore each loss was calculated (to a degree). If risk holds, I hold. If it breaks risk, I’m out. I understand that losses are a part of trading, and if you have the right process in place, winners will outweigh the losers. This is exactly how it’s been for me since joining your service. I took a 30% loss there, 60% loss here, then hit a 340% gain, 545% gain, and the big 920% gain on $BAC. Paid for my losses many times over. Now, I get it. I finally feel like I’m catching a stride! I can’t thank you enough for that.

The Prime Extras area is also amazing. I’ve learned a lot from it, including how to manage my risk, sizing appropriately, and what to look for when choosing my own options strikes & trades. All this after a few weeks! Keep up the great work. You’ve got a long time member here!

Garrett Thomas
TM Prime Subscriber

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Please note: The longer service is available, the more content will be offered. Currently, TM Prime is in a state of infancy, and the early stages of development. This is not a day trading service, nor a crystal ball. This service is no promise of becoming filthy rich. Ideas will be altered based on price action (revised count, move a trend line, etc.). While prediction is nice, reaction is the key to trading. As you likely are aware, trading carries risk along with it. While this service will offer in-depth technical analysis, it is you that pulls the trigger on the trade. We will miss, I can promise you. However, when we miss, we know when it's time to move on as risk levels are highlighted with each idea. Cut the losers and milk the winners.

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Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than their initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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