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Unusual Options Activity: What It Is and How To Find it

Tracking Unusual Options Activity So you want to know how to find unusual options activity? Unusual options activity (or “UOA”) can be a “giveaway,” so to speak, that there could be a large move in the underlying stock in the near future. UOA is typically sparked by hedge funds and institutions, as they trade the options market regularly with very large trades to gain profits on the massive leverage that options can provide. It is… Read More »Unusual Options Activity: What It Is and How To Find it

The Value of Time

The Value of Time “It’s all about timing,” or “timing is everything” are both expressions I’ve heard since I was little. Time is one of the most precious of all things, and make no mistake… it is always ticking. As we get older, the value of time will increase significantly to each of us. Near the end, many would be completely content with giving everything they’ve ever earned for just a little bit more time. As an… Read More »The Value of Time

Stock Options Revelation

Stock Options Revelation Stock options have officially blown my mind. Memorial day 2016 will forever be marked as a pivotal point in my trading career. On this day, my eyes were opened to the possibility of stock options trading, or rather… the control, lower risk and potentially massive leverage that is involved. What a wake up call. “I once was blind, but now I see.” All my career, I’ve been a traditional common equities trader.… Read More »Stock Options Revelation