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$FB pre-earnings analysis

At first glance, the trend is obviously up. Facebook has been a strong name over the last few years… but has it’s run come to an end? Based on the weekly, utilizing Elliott Wave, this feels like a supercycle impulse

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$GOOG pre-earnings analysis

The way I see it, were only in the 3rd wave of the $GOOG supercycle, printing wave 5 of the uptrend leg. 994s mark the 2.618 from the I to II correction. The daily is above all moving averages, printing

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$TSLA bounces, $BABA perkin, $PAY booms, and $SQ pops

Today played out well with the revup look given from $TSLA in Monday’s session. Coming into Tuesday morning, she didn’t waste any time running to the 320s to fill the gap. My tweet out on Monday afternoon: The revup

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In Depth $SPY Technical Analysis

Just gonna dive right in. Starting with the monthly… Here we can see that based on the all the time low dip, we’re just approaching the 2.0 fib extension. Here, we may see some resistance, but the 1.618 was a

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Today was a Good Day

Friday came a little too fast this week for me. Short week, and I’ve missed it. Monday can’t come soon enough. Today the “carnage” that was the red of yesterday saw a bounce. Heatmaps today painted with green. $AMD caught

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Another Day In The Books

Another Day In the Books Not the greatest day. Not a lot of follow through out there today. Slightly red overall on the day, but well positioned moving into tomorrow. Took a loss on some weekly calls. Longer term positions

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Back to Work

First day back. Feels good to get back into the game. Some friends haven’t spoken to in a few weeks, charts that played out well based on previous looks. Today the blog is back. I will periodically post thoughts, concerns,

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