Candlestick Charts Explained – Reading Price Action

Candlestick Charts Explained Candlestick charts create formations and patterns (such as those shown in chart patterns page) that are a type of stock market technical analysis, and are used in stock chart displays. They are able to be used on

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The “Rapid Route”

This “route” has been developed for new traders to follow to shorten the learning curve associated with trading/investing. While there is no substitute for experience, valuable information regarding trading/investing is widespread. This “route” has been developed as a means of

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Stock Market Psychology

Stock Market Psychology Stock market psychology is tricky… and can make a fool out of you if you’re not sure what to look for. I wish I knew then what I know now, am I right? Newer traders certainly still

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Overcoming Big Losses

Drawdown to Recovery – Overcoming Big Losses Drawdown – a decline in an investment or fund. Most veteran traders have experienced what they would refer to as a “drawdown” or a “big” loss at some point within their career, some

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The Intraday Stock Market Schedule

Stock Market Times Stock market times are important in today’s intraday stock market schedule, as a trader’s day can range from just a few minutes to more than 12 hours. Understanding the “schedule” of the market, in addition to key

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