Elliott Wave Analysis Training

A few things before you get started:
– You may want to watch each video more than once. You will better understand the information with repetition.
– You may wish to have a pen & paper handy to take notes on the training.
If you have a question that isn’t covered in the material provided, please send an email to [email protected]

Training Modules



(Module 1 - Module 3)

(Module 4 - Module 7)

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russion nesting dolls

A slow start - How Elliott Wave can improve trading results, the fractal structures of the markets, and the basics of wave labeling


Things get a little more interesting - The 3 main rules of Elliott Wave, and each of the 5 main Elliott Wave structures are discussed in detail, and how each plays it's part within overall market structure.

fib spiral

Discusses Fibonacci ratios, their place in the market, and the Elliott Wave Principle. Ideal "rotation zones" for each individual wave is discussed in detail.


Discusses the channeling technique as well as the topic of alternate counts.


Trading Setups are discussed regarding the 5 Elliott Wave structures. Textbook entry levels (both aggressive & conservative approaches), as well as stop loss placements are covered.


A detailed chart session from scratch, analyzing GOLD, starting with the weekly chart and breaking it down all the way to 1 hour using techniques discussed in prior modules.


A conclusion to the training, discussing other factors to consider when analyzing price action. Alternate wave counts, additional signals like DeMark counts, support/resistance, useful indicators, etc.

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