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Elliott Wave Analysis Training

Elliott Wave Analysis Training

A few things before you get started:
– You may want to watch each video more than once. You will better understand the information with repetition.
– You may wish to have a pen & paper handy to take notes on the training.
If you have a question that isn’t covered in the material provided, please send an email to [email protected]

An introduction to why the Elliott Wave Principle is a superior analytic tool, the fractal structure of the markets, and wave labeling basics

Fibonacci relationships and wave psychology are discussed, as well as the differences between retracements and extensions, commonly used Fibonacci levels, tendencies and psychology behind each wave and ideal "rotation zone" for each wave to conclude.

Covers the five groups of Elliott wave structures one-by-one in detail and comparison to live charts and structures within today's market. Also discusses the three main rules and the "wave X" theory.

Focuses on wave channeling, discussing base channels of initial moves, adjusting final channel, throw-overs/throw-unders and Elliott wave alternate counts


Applies the knowledge gained and discusses key entry points/levels for both aggressive and conservative approaches


Discusses applying Elliott wave analysis to real-time charts and scenarios


I break down the Gold chart from weekly down to intraday time frames from scratch to demonstrate how general Elliott wave analysis can be applied