First day back. Feels good to get back into the game. Some friends haven’t spoken to in a few weeks, charts that played out well based on previous looks.

Today the blog is back. I will periodically post thoughts, concerns, just crap that I can get out in one post. See the subscribe window at the end of each post as an option to receive notifications when new postings or updates go live.

We’ll begin with what I’m seeing today. The names below grabbed my attention for several reasons.

$GOOG was one that I wish I still had puts in. Was fairly heavy into these before I closed my position. Played well off the 1.618. Looks to have printed an inside day today.

Weekly look:

goog 7/5 weekly

Daily look:

goog 7/5 daily

Daily printing an inside day. Gap would fill at 875ish. If closes as inside print, tomorrow is key.

$AAPL was another that immediately caught my eye, pulling off the upper rail of the channel. Its now testing the 20 weekly MA, printing an inside hammer on the weekly. Daily having trouble getting over that 100 day MA. We’ll see how it closes the day and the week.

Weekly look:

aapl 7/5 weekly

Daily look:

aapld 7/5

$TSLA is one that throws me. Been bullish on this name for a while, riding wave 3 in the 1.618. Now looking for a wave 4 to pull back into the former all time highs support area. Somewhere likely near the .50 retracement level (around the 280s), potentially into the .618 (in the high 250s).

Here’s a shot on the weekly:

TSLA weekly 7/5

Another view:


$WFM is one more that I can’t leave alone at the moment. The potential on this one is massive long term. Took some longer term calls today. Will add more as we see confirmation.

This monthly though… just crazy:

wfm m 7/5

The 60 min is at support at the 42 level showing a falling wedge. Positive divergence on the RSI sweetens the wedge.

wfm 60 7/5

A few other notable finds for the day:


Stay tuned for the next post


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