Stock Market Tools & Strategy


Tools for the Trader

Explore some of today’s best tools for modern traders. Improve your technical analysis with the best charting software around in TradingView. Find trading setups easier with some of the best tools available in Trade Ideas scanners, and track options order flow with the king of order flow, Cheddarflow.

Stock Chart Patterns

As the market trades, patterns are formed within the price action it creates. These patterns can be identified and taken advantage of with time, experience, and pattern recognition. Look through this section to find common technical analysis patterns like wedges and triangles. On each post, details of these patterns are discussed along with methods to find them on your own.

Market Indicators

Most traders that have access to technical analysis platforms like TradingView can easily apply most indicators to their charts. However, not everyone understands what their indicator is telling them. Learn about commonly used stock market indicators and how they can benefit your trading. Understand how these indicators work before putting your capital at risk.