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Tradermentality was built to assist the growing and evolving market trader by providing a free stock trading written and illustrated expanding point of reference. Whether you are a novice trader still finding your way, or a professional trader that is well established, this site is here to help sharpen your stock and options trading abilities.

 Our site touches on basics with articles on topics like how to trade stocks, how to day trade, how to swing trade, and stock trading risk management tips. We also take opportunities to highlight advanced trading topics such as options trading tips, stock trading reversal strategies, stock chart patterns, and advanced stock chart tools like Fibonacci retracements and Gann tools.

Our Interview with a Trader section is a favorite among visitors. Interviews with traders like Steve Burns, Tom Wrigley, Jesse Felder and Trade Ideas founder and CEO, Dan Mirkin offer valuable insight and knowledge through their experiences and stories. These guys all took the time to share with us, so that we could share with you. Many must reads for any serious trader.

Check out our expanding $STUDY section, dedicated to stock market study material. This section will offer you such topics as Top Ranked Trading Book Reviews, display tables for candlestick patterns and chart patterns, some free e-book downloads, and a glossary of basic stock market terms.

Featured Trading Articles

Stock Market Psychologystock market psychology

Touches on psychological trading behind the game, referring to the personal battle with one’s own mind and emotions. While knowledge of how markets work is certainly valuable in itself, the ability to control your emotions and other mental aspects of trading is far more valuable. Read more…


Key Intraday Reversal Timesintraday reversal times

Intraday reversal times are specific times throughout daily sessions that the market is much more likely to reverse price action or stall the most recent pattern. These reversals may not always be huge moves or even trend reversals, but a reversal in price action. Sometimes that reversal can trigger a massive move. These can happen regularly as a result of the way Wall Street functions, in addition to market maker activity. Read more…


fibonacciFibonacci Retracements

Here we go… absorb this like a sponge. If you are not somewhat familiar with Fibonnaci, this could quite honestly change the way you look at charts forever. There are numerous Fibonacci tools available to traders. I’ve experimented with arcs, fans, spirals and several others. My personal opinion is that one is all you need. I consider it a big part of my strategy when trading. This breakdown is to show you the best and most accurate of all “Fib” tools. Read more…


Interview with a Trader: Inside the Mind of Steve BurnsInterview with a Trader - steve burns

Steve Burns has been successfully investing in the stock market for more than 20 years, and has been an active trader for over 14 of those years. He is the author of 13 trading books in total, 6 of which are #1 best sellers on Amazon.com in the Stock Market Investing Category. Tradermentality conducted an interview with Mr. Burns. Read more…


Trading Book Reviews - Recommended stock market readingBook Reviews – Recommended Stock Market Reading

I get asked all the time what trading books I’d recommend to traders wanting to learn more about the markets and trading in general. Here, I have created a clickable list of favorite trading books that features reviews on each. Enjoy.
Read more…




VWAP Technical Indicator: Understand and Apply

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is an indicator, or an intra-day calculation that is used to determine where a stock is trading relative to it’s volume weighted average for the market day. It also helps to determine market direction and confirm trade signals on an individual stock. Before you apply VWAP to your charts, understand how it works, the drawbacks of the indicator, and how to read the signals it gives you. Read more…

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