A Painful Loss

Each of us lose from time to time, it’s part of trading. Each of us lose loved ones as well, as it’s part of life. Yesterday, I got a phone call early in the morning informing me that my Uncle

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$CELG long idea – 6/8/16

$CELG weekly shows a calling wedge coming into what looks to be forming a longer term trend line. The daily shows the falling wedge in greater detail, in addition a longer term positive divergence on RSI as price rotates POC.

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$BA short idea – 6/8/16

$BA on the weekly appears to be a channel down/falling wedge. The $BA daily shows price near the upper extreme of the channel down, nearing the supply line of falling wedge. Additionally, price has developed a coil and rotation around

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$LULU short idea – 6/8/16

$LULU popped up on my radar after a large amount of unusual social mentions found using Trade Ideas. $LULU weekly is a HUGE coil. First thought is that it looks immature to me. $LULU daily with a closer look (though

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$PCLN long (then short) idea – 6/5/16

$PCLN weekly long term trend looks to be holding, while forming a broadening wedge. Price action in the middle. Space above and below.  The $PCLN daily has several gaps open, with the largest below. Latest candle nice upthrust into gap

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$LEN short idea – 6/3/16

$LEN weekly is a Bump and Run Reversal (BARR) with a recent retest of the lead-in forming into a coil on the daily. $LEN daily is a coil with current price below 4 levels of resistance. The 120 appears to be

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$BIG short idea – 6/2/16

FWIW, this is a longer term move… I noticed this beast on the $BIG monthly chart. Rising wedge with neg divergences. A touch of that 200 ma is looking prime at HVN levels. Once I pulled up the daily, the

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$ALXN long idea – 6/1/16

$ALXN looking like a beast play on weekly/daily charts. Here on weekly you can see a well defined falling wedge. The daily gives us a little more insight, as you can see the RSI has a notable positive divergence during

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An Options Revelation

Memorial day 2016 will forever be marked as a pivotal point in my trading career. On this day, my eyes were opened to the possibility of options trades, or rather… the control, lower risk and potentially massive leverage that is

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$ECPG long idea – 5/30/16

$ECPG daily coil with both shorter term and longer term targets. Both ideas with tight stop just below apex of coil. 60 looking like a retest of wedge in channel up. Break of channel (and apex of wedge) to downside

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