Psychological Trading – I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

Psychological Trading I wish I knew then what I know now. Am I right? Newer traders certainly have a lot to learn. I’m not referring to technicals, theories, strategies, or even cold hard facts… but the psychological trading. Psychological trading behind the

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Recovering From A Sizable Loss

Recovering From a Sizable Loss Most veteran traders have experienced what they would refer to as a “sizable” loss at some point within their career, some have experienced many (God help them). Several traders have requested that this topic be addressed, so

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The Intraday Stock Market Schedule

Not Exactly the 9 to 5… In today’s intraday stock market schedule, a trader’s day can range from just a few minutes to more than 12 hours. Understanding the “schedule” of the market, in addition to key intraday reversal times,

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The Best Brokers for Most Given Situations

Which is the Best Stock Broker? So you’re looking for the best stock broker for your style… Well, that depends. Bottom line, you can’t even start trading if you don’t have an account with a broker. Choosing a broker requires

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Pattern Day Trading Rule

What is the Pattern Day Trading Rule? As a frequent trader, if you make 4 or more day trades in a 5 trading day period, unless your day trading activities are less than 6% of your total trading activity for that time period, you will be

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All About Bid/Ask Spreads

“Sell the Bid, Buy the Ask” The “bid” and “ask” prices are two important figures that are associated with stocks and securities. The bid is the maximum price someone is willing to offer to pay for a share of that

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Long Vs. Short

Long Vs. Short Holding a “long” position doesn’t mean that you’ve owned it forever… or even that you intend to, and “short” doesn’t mean that you don’t have enough to make the trade. Stop guessing and understand what these terms

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Stop vs. Stop Limit

Some find confusion when it comes to understanding the difference between a stop limit and a stop order. Some online brokers offer two options to click on their order screens that say “STOP LIMIT” or  simply “STOP.” When the average

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